Back Right In

Assuming that I have some readers around considering this is only the 3rd (insert very very sad and disappointed face)post of this blog that has been floating in cyberspace since 5 years back, it seems like time did more than just flying. It zoomed right before my very eyes.So, let me do a quick zooming right back in to blogging as well

While I have no specifics in mind what the focus of this blog will be, I intend to make a regular (read: 2 entries weekly) update according to the latest happenings (personal/communal), thoughts and trends. It will hopefully be of use and an informative nook of the online universe for a soul or two around.

Cheers to more posts!!!!!



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I am Soul

Soul noun \ˈsōl\ : the actuating cause of an individual life

To some, this is a floating piece, an immaterial being, useless without the body.

To me, it is the driving force of one’s existence, the source of power. Everything is derived from the soul. It is where all aspects of life emanates from. It is where the desire, the motivation originates, giving the body the energy and strength to move accordingly.

The soul is a powerful entity. It encompasses not just the physical and psychological parts of one’s being but incorporates the spiritual  piece as well.

I am Soul. I live beyond my physical self, constantly in struggle to accept the limitations of my material being yet continuously working on my internal force to get beyond my  imperfections and achieve the fullest of my potential.


I am Soul.


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