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Just Another Day

The last post on this blog was 5 years ago. How time flies!

Currently now an expat in Dubai, I have gone through so much changes in life. Left a long-term relationship, presently in my 2nd job in this foreign country, lasted more than a year in a career I have avoided in the early days. Met people, left a handful and kept some. Done things that bring a smile or a grin on my face and an aching in my heart. So much has happened and years have been added to my age. I think it has been a full life though. Mistakes have been done, but I’m not living with any regrets. I didn’t expect everything to be perfect, but it surely has been happy.

If this life has to end today, I am going to go happy and fulfilled. Only a few people might shed a tear or two for me, but I am confident I have touched a good enough number of souls in this lifetime.

In the meantime, let me do some cooking (after years of not doing so)!


New Quaker Elbow Macaroni

Made from Oats flour and durum wheat semolina


My Own Vegetable Tomato-Based Pasta Sauce

Made with fresh tomatoes, mixed vegetables and paneer (Indian cottage cheese)


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