Run Baby Run

Taking a quick break from my wanderlusting (is there such a word?) before I get depressed again for not being able to go somewhere new in the past few months, I had quite a long run last weekend. I was with my colleague, ex-roommate and fitness buddy R, and we run and brisk-walked from home to 8.7miles away, took a 15-minute bus ride until the bus stop nearest to the Dubai Water Canal then walked a little more than 1 mile to see the sights.

That 6.78 miles to perfection

Nearing the Burj Al Arab

While we have not ran for more than a week already, it was really a surprise to observe our resistance and strenght still in the charts. It was really a night of pride for both of us to not give up and actually reach such distance. We finished the 6.7mile at the Al Wasl Road, right in between Burj Al Arab and Sheikh Zayed Road. We took the bus travelling through the same road until the last stop prior to Safa Park. We then proceeded straight ahead, turned right to take the pedestrian bridge crossing to the side of the Park and followed the running path around the said Park until we reached the magnificent view below.

One of the beautiful bridges crossing the the Dubai Water Canal

On the bridge

Under the bridge


The above clip shows how the waterfall stops in a manner that copies an opening curtain, paving way for a water vehicle to pass underneath the bridge. While this mechanism is beyond my limited knowledge of the sciences and technologies, I am sure this is a piece of cake for Dubai and the geniuses behind the city and its infrastructure. The clip is quite short, but it is a wonder to witness especially in person.

Currently, there is ample and well lighted areas to sit around the Water Canal. Many groups of families and friends are around strolling and having picnics on the benches. They had to bring their own food though as there are no food stalls around presently. As the Water Canal passes through Sheikh Zayed, Al Wasl and Jumeirah roads, it can be accessed from any of these three points for those with their own vehicles. Those who wish to see the area via public transportation, the best option is to go down Business Bay metro station and head toward Jebel Ali side through the pedestrian walkway. You will not miss the Dubai Water Canal at all.

This Thursday night drill was an accomplishment of sorts for both me and R, achieving the goals of (1) reaching Burj Al Arab on our feet, (2) finishing our first documented 5K activity (run/jog/brisk walk) and (3) visiting the Dubai Water Canal. Not bad for a weekend starter šŸ™‚


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